"Jane was recommended to me as a postnatal doula in January 2011. I had just given birth to my 2nd daughter and I wanted some additional help looking after her and my 3-year-old when my partner returned to work after paternity leave.

Jane was a joy to have around: she anticipated the needs of both me and the girls, she was a source of reassurance to my many questions and worries (researching answers for me when she occasionally didn't know them off hand), and she had a great sense of humour for when things were tough going!

It was so useful to have an extra pair of hands around (grandparents live far away) which ensured that both girls received lots of attention and my older daughter didn't feel jealous of the newborn.

With Jane's help, we were able to continue with our usual activities (gym class etc) so that my older daughter's routine hardly changed with the arrival of her sister. I felt extremely confident of Jane's skills as a postnatal and would have no hesitation in recommending her. She is now like one of our family and we will always stay in touch."


"I had Jane as my doula in July. She was lovely from the minute I met her.

Jane has an easy going nature about her & was very encouraging during my labour. She always kept in touch & took her role as my doula seriously. Jane has a very good sense of humour & has the ability to comfort when necessary.

My labour was long & complicated but Jane was with me throughout the ordeal & only left to go home once my baby was born.I now consider Jane a friend."


"Jane gave professional and emotional support to me throughout.

Before Poppy was born she offered me books, research and good chats. She was essential and hugely supportive to my partner and I throughout the birth. Post birth she continued to help and support our family.

She is always on time and utterly reliable. Her experience is thorough and down to earth and her advice is always offered gently, boosting self confidence in one as a mother, father or sibling."

Fiona & Paul

"Jane was a fantastic support during the home birth of our first son and comes highly recommended! She was always ready to support us before the birth and helped soothe any fears we had.

Jane was there when we wanted her to be and always respected our views. She took away many of our uncertainties and helped us focus on having a fantastic experience!"

Heidi, Richard & Isaac

When we decided that we wanted to have a water birth at home we considered having a doula as we don't live close to any family that could be here quickly and help out. We were very glad that we met Jane just in time and that she was able to help. We met up a few times before the birth and I spoke to Jane about what kind of birth I wanted and provided her with a copy of my birthing plan. Richard and I never realised until the big day how much there was to do as this was my first baby and we had never had a home birth before.

As soon as my contractions started, we called Jane and she was there within the hour. I spent a lot of time in in the birthing pool and that meant Richard working hard to fill it up and to keep it the right temperature as well as providing everything that was requested by the midwives (it was a long labour).

Jane was there for me when my partner couldn't be, to hold my hand, reassure me and feed me pieces of cold melon to keep my energy up (as my reserves were very low later on in the labour and that's about all I could manage)! She also liaised with the midwives (as one midwife's shift finished, another arrived) and made sure that they were fully on board with my birthing plan.

Jane did many of the things that my partner and I were too busy to do therefore relieving us of a lot of stress. Jane also accompanied us at the hospital (had to go in at the last minute), helping to reassure and comfort me and providing lots of snacks (which I was very thankful for once I had given birth)! She was a pillar of strength throughout the whole process, quietly fading into the background when appropriate but there when we needed her, doing whatever needed to be done. Jane was our one constant throughout the birthing process, for which we are very thankful.

Jenni & Richard

Jane was our doula for the birth of our second child; we'd had a doula for my first labour who we'd been very happy with, but she wasn't available for the full on-call period for my second due date so we needed to look for a different person at that time. Our first doula was a hard act to follow but Jane more than lived up to our expectations.

Jane was excellent before, during, and after the birth of baby Bruno. Before the birth, she established a strong rapport with us and with our two year old daughter. We felt very clear about our plans and requirements, and generally how to proceed. The pre-natal visits were fun as well as business-like!

During the birth my partner and I were brilliantly well supported, though because generally things were pretty straightforward and the labour was quick, there wasn't as much to do as in my first labour. Jane worked closely with the midwife and I was able to just get on with labouring, accompanied by suggestions and ideas that kept things moving smoothly.

Special mention must be made of her quick reaction as Bruno was born: the cord was short and it snapped, but Jane noticed and reacted even before the midwife did! That meant he lost very little blood and also kept us from being worried; it was only afterwards that we realized how dangerous that could have been if not for Jane's prompt action.

After the birth she helped tidy up and organize things so that all we had to do was to cuddle in bed with our new baby and rest. A perfect ending!

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